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sab 03 giu


Via Luganetto 1


Pranayama e Meditazione - Kundalini e Ipnosi

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Orario & Sede

03 giu 2023, 19:00 – 22:00

Via Luganetto 1, Via Luganetto 1, 6962 Viganello, Svizzera

Info sull'evento

Namaste-KundaHYP. Pranayama & Meditation led by Sabrina Hypnosis & Kundalini led by Luana

In this group session Sabrina will guide you inside your body through breathing techniques (Pranayama) and meditation for the first 45 minutes. This will give you a heightened awareness of your energy body, an experience that is very beneficial for your health and psyche.Afterwards you will be guided by Luana into a deep state of relaxation for the first 20 minutes, to be followed by about 90 minutes of Kundalini Activations.It is helpful and appreciated that you bring an intention for the session, however rather than having a rigid expectation, it will be a smoother process if you just try to surrender to the experience. The energy provided carries its own intelligence, and will pierce through the construct of the ego, through the projections of the mind, through any emotion that you or Luana may carry.The practice is also suitable for beginners. The energy provided is called the “love of creation”. You will experience the energy in your own way and will receive according to your capacity to receive at the moment, a capacity that increases with continued spiritual practice.The biggest benefit is the accelerated self-realization of the soul. Other potential benefits, such as an improvement in your mental and physical state, an improvement in the reality around you, an increased expansion of your being and your gifts, are effects related to the acceleration of your self-realization journey.Your ultimate purpose is to align the conscious and subconscious mind, and to maintain this alignment as long as possible, becoming a conscious creator.Other Potential Benefits of this Energy:• Relief from stress, anxiety, fear, depression, pain of past traumas.• Clearing and removal of blocks in the energetic, spiritual and emotional body.• Emotional release and completion of cycles of karma.• Shifting into higher levels of consciousness and vibration.• Harmony and balance in the body.• Increased awareness, nondual approach and release of limiting beliefs.• Remembrance of your true self and purpose, awakened intuition.• An natural renunciation to unhealthy foods, habits, people, environments.• Deeper connection with the planet and the universe, experience of oneness.Must know: The people you see moving in the videos have developed an energy body that allows them to receive energy in that particular way. This kind of result is rarely (though it is possible) achieved during the first few sessions, as the body must first be prepared to receive.A Group Event lasts 3 hours. It includes an introduction, 3 part-session and integration.Please book from the calendar below.* People under the age of 18 must bring written permission signed by their parents. What to bring? A yoga mat (or similar), a pillow for your head (possibly one for your back as well), and a blanket.Price:60 chf*/ 3 hoursWe consider your reservation valid only after payment is made because places are limited.Refund policy: with a minimum notice of 24 hours.*students, retirees and people in financial difficulties can make a donation according to their means.Location: Via Luganetto 1 – Spazio L’Ove – 6962 Viganello (TI).You find us behind the Ospedale Italiano, on the left side of the hospital’s parking garage.Disclaimer: Clients often experience emotional releases and spontaneous body movements during sessions. This is due to the large amount of energy that begins to remove blocks formed within the person’s energy body and etheric field. Some clients report sensations such as sudden cold or heat and peculiar visions during the session. During the days following treatment, it is recommended to be quiet, walk in nature and eat healthily. Particularly vivid dreams, a heightened feeling of needing to rest, a change in mood, weird sensations in the body and a change in perception of reality are also events that are possible during the days immediately following the session. By taking part to a session you automatically agree to the possibility of this arising. This work is not a substitute for psychotherapy or traditional medicine. We make no promises of healing. If you are being treated by a psychiatrist ask his permission. The space in which this practice is conducted is constantly cleaned and protected.


  • Namaste Kunda HYP

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