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​"The wound is the place where the light enters you." Rumi​
Hey hi, I'm Sabrina and the fact that I became a Yoga teacher is just the natural development of my life experience.
I started wanting to communicate with my body when I was very young, I was just 3 years old, I was always dancing and moving, I felt this divine force of life inside to be freed and shaped!
I needed to make my body vibrate to feel better and my parents enrolled me in classical dance; I continued with this discipline for more than 8 years.
Until I was faced with reality, my physique would never have allowed me to become a professional dancer. With immense regret, I interrupted my study of classical dance and began to vary styles, Latin American Dance, Jazz,  Modern and Contemporary, Bourlesque and Pole Dance; but nothing really satisfied me.
 At 15 years old at school they asked me to become the choreographer for an Aerobics group and I accepted, we went to the national team and from that moment on I started teaching Aerobics every evening, until I graduated in Aerobics and Musical Disciplines at the age of 18. Meanwhile I also studied Theater and Dance Theater (graduating and touring throughout Italy)
I practiced Aerobics and Step at every hour and on every occasion, classical high school and the University of Economics were only a secondary priority.
They contacted me to hold my energetic lessons from all over Italy, I worked in the best fitness centers in Milan, Pavia and Como.​My life has revolved around fitness and the well-being of the body and soul and of the mind always. I studied and read books on personal introspection, religion and esotericism, as well as books specialized in body health.
I began to perceive my energy and that of others with a very young level of awareness.​​
I then graduated and moved to live in Switzerland, in Lugano, to complete my economics studies and from that moment the time to dedicate to my body had significantly decreased, I only had a few hours during the weekend and I felt that something was missing in my frenetic life.
​​Until a trip to India 9 years ago enlightened me, YOGA was for me!_22200000-0000-0000-0 000-000000000222_
I began to delve deeper into the discipline until it became part of my life and my readings, until it became an inexhaustible source of antidote during my hardest moments.
I then began to meditate daily.​
Yes, at a certain moment the Universe decided to confront me with terrible personal events that profoundly changed me and affected me. and designed, they made me understand that I am who I am and that I can do more for others too.​
During the lockdown I took advantage of the free moments to graduate in Yoga with the Akasha Yoga Academy School in Bali.
​I don't want to stop learning and I'm continuing my higher level studies in Yoga in Hatha-Vinyasa and Pranayama.​I have also achieved a specialization in guided meditations resulting in diploma from the Center of Excellence school.​
I am currently following 300 hours of Yoga specializationI'm delving into aspects such as Kundalini energy rising and Tantric meditations in special workshops that I lead during the weekend.​
Therefore following the natural flow of life, here I am, in my free hours, from work as a Manager in a fashion company, teaching this sacred discipline to anyone who wants to throw themselves into themselves with awareness, compassion, joy, enthusiasm and love.​
Namaste, Sabrina
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