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What is Kundalini energy?

Kundalini is a Sanskrit term from ancient India that indicates a form of divine feminine energy and consciousness that lies dormant and coiled at the base of our spine, in the area that includes the perineum and sacrum (also called Muladhara Chakra, the root energy plexus), until it is activated.

Kundalini energy is the source of life force (PRANA in Sanskrit) in each of us and yogic science suggests that this energy is responsible for the formation of the child in the womb.

The term "Kundalini" is formed from the word "kundal" (the curl of the beloved) and "ini", which brings with it the feminine characteristic of this energy, also called Shakti. Shakti is the wife of Shiva; it is the feminine creative energy that also identifies with nature and our earth, considered the Mother of all living beings. At the opposite pole, therefore at the top of the stick, resides Shiva, or rather the unmanifest power which on the contrary carries male energy.
Symbolically, this energy has the shape of a serpent and is a force, a potential waiting to be awakened. In many traditions, the serpent symbol also represents wisdom and knowledge.

Have you ever noticed the symbol of the stick, with the snake coiled around it, printed on medical prescriptions or on pharmacy and ambulance signs? It represents the flow of Kundalini energy. Why is it also often represented as a winged staff with two snakes coiled around it (caduceus)?
The caduceus symbolizes the awakening of the Kundalini through two nerve channels, which intertwine around the central nerve of the spinal column. These two nerves (NADI in Sanskrit) act as main conductors. Ida and Pingala, their names, represent the first the nerve that ends in the left nostril and the second the nerve that ends in the right nostril.

Each of them makes two and a half turns around Shushmana, the central channel that passes behind the column.
The Kundalini energy, of which they are carriers, serves to nourish our nervous system, then the glandular system and the rest... Ida and Pingala channel the basic energies of the body, negative and positive energy, lunar energy and solar, basically feminine and masculine energy.
The purpose of Kundalini activation is to unite these two forces to create what is called a cosmic marriage.
The energy of the earth will merge with that of the sky, supporting us in a profound awareness of ourselves, so that we can not only perceive the reality around us more distinctly, but also open our consciousness to higher dimensions


Helping the individual to approach their own internal process of healing and consciousness to enjoy every single moment with pure joy and to retain so much of their own light to illuminate the darkness inside and outside themselves!


The group sessions are held in Lugano in collaboration with ANDROMEDACOCREATIONS.COM

My vision

I believe in the power of LOVE above all other forms of possibility. I believe that the balanced union of Ida and Pingala, feminine and masculine, moon and sun, can lead to an awareness that will help planet earth awaken, bringing light into the shadows of the individual and of the whole cosmos.


➤ You are on or you want to Initiate your Self-Realization Journey! 

➤ You want to Activate and Expand your Energy Body!

➤ You want to Maintain your Expansion Active!

➤ You want to Cultivate the Alignment of your Energy Body!

➤ You want to keep your Etheric Field Pure, away from destructive external interferences!

➤ You wish to Exchange Tips, Information and Share your Experiences with people on the Same Path as you!

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